Fate/Zero Original Soundtrack Download

Fate/Zero Original Soundtrack DownloadFate/Zero Original Soundtrack Download

Title: Fate/Zero Original Soundtrack
Artists: Yuki Kajiura, Yasunori Mori
Release Date: September 20, 2017
Format: Album/MP3 320Kbps
Credit: Hikarinoakari


Sound Producer: Yuki Kajiura (except “the sword of promised victory ~Fate/Zero ver.”, originally composed by KATE)
Producer: Yasunori Mori (SPACE CRAFT PRODUCE)


Disc 1
1. Point Zero
2. let the stars fall down
3. grief
4. nervous
5. confrontation
6. the battle is to the strong
7. evacuation
8. the legend
9. little drop of peace
10. the beginning of the end
11. if you leave
12. rabble-rousers
13. strategy
14. unrest
15. back to the wall
16. secret maneuvers
17. an eerie enemy
18. assassin
19. a chaser
20. to be continued
21. painful
22. rule the battlefield
23. forebodings
24. tragedy and fate

1. fate to zero
2. for him
3. army of the king
4. curse
5. dogfight
6. the sword of promised victory~Fate/Zero ver.
7. Babylonia
8. on the battlefield
9. betrayer
10. you are my king
11. at peace
12. little star
13. in a nightmare
14. a man in black
15. painful#2
16. dogfight#2
17. the battle to come
18. on an island
19. burning village
20. I will
21. in a foreign town
22. she’s just in time
23. days gone by
24. mission
25. mission#2
26. the dream fades before dawn
27. the dream fades before dawn#2
28. tender moment
29. this day, and never again
30. the dream fades before dawn#3
31. the world is tumbling down
32. silver moon

1. Point Zero-Live arrange ver.-
2. let the stars fall down-Live arrange ver.-
3. the beginning of the end-Live arrange ver.-
4. the battle is to the strong-Live arrange ver.-
5. you are my dearest friend
6. you are my dearest friend#2
7. cruel magicians
8. ancient memory
9. grief#2
10. Point Zero#2
11. the stars are to fall down
12. dogfight-Live arrange ver.-
13. the world is tumbling down-Live arrange ver.-

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